About us


German Society of Thalassemia
and all rare diseases

Our association was founded in 2014. The founding members as well as all active members are made up of those affected and non-affected.

The special thing about DEGETHA & FRIENDS is that

  • the association acts as an international contact for Mental Health in Rare Diseases
  • the board consists of at least 50% of those affected
  • the active members of the association contribute many different professional qualifications to the volunteer work
  • a member of the association as a doctor (hematology) authentically supports DEGETHA & FRIENDS, since he himself was born with a rare disease

The Team

Dr. Mohammed “Miso” El Missiry

Thalassaemia Advisor

Stella Pelteki

Member of the Board

Nicola De Nittis

Member of the Board

Ivonne Pachaly

Advisory Board

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Roberto Podda

Advisory Board

Reem Ghazzal

Patient Advocate

Josephine Bila

Patient Advocate

Nastaran Zarnegari