Founding members

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Nicola De NittisNicola De Nittis

Nicola De Nittis is chairman of DEGETHA and lives with thalassemia. As a long-standing patient and medical consultant, Nicola specializes in the promotion of resilience, patient competence, and compliance.
Languages: German, Italian, English



Gabriel Nani

Gabriel Naní

Gabriel Naní is the second chairman and IT manager of DEGETHA. As a long-standing company consultant and managing director of an IT company, he specializes in various IT areas.
Languages: German, Italian, English, Spanish



Ivonne Pachaly DeNittisIvonne Pachaly-De Nittis

Member of the Advisory Board
Ivonne Pachaly-De Nittis is a member of the Advisory Board of DEGETHA. As a skilled lawyer, she supports the board with the written correspondence and coordination.
Languages: German, Italian, English



Roberto Podda

Roberto Podda

Member of the Advisory Board
Roberto Podda is a member of the Advisory Board of DEGETHA and lives with thalassemia.
Languages: German, Italian, English



Andrea Abdel GhanyAndrea Abdel-Ghany

Patient representative
Andrea is a patient representative for DEGETHA. She has been working for over 30 years in pediatric oncology and hematology at the Cologne University Hospital in Germany. She would like to help people deal with their genetic defect and the many problems faced in everyday life.
Languages: German, English




mohamed el missiry

Dr. Mohamed El-Missiry

Patient representative
Mohamed El Missiry is a doctor specializing in hematology and lives with thalassemia. He is a patient representative and a medical expert for DEGETHA. He knows there is much to do to improve communication and understanding between thalassemia patients and health care workers.
Languages: German, English, Arabic



Viesna Baquerizo-NaníViesna Baquerizo-Naní 

Viesna Baquerizo-Nani supports all of DEGETHA’s financial issues.
Languages: German, Spanish, English




Lidia Naní

Lidia Naní

Psychological counselor
Lidia Nani lives in Stuttgart and works as a psychological consultant. In our association, she coordinates meetings and appointments and provides psychological support to those who need it.
Languages: German, Italian, English, Spanish



stellaStella Pelteki

Patient representative
Stella Pelteki is a patient representative and lives with thalassemia. She applies her pedagogical skills in her work with children and young people.
Languages: German, Greek, English

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