DEGETHA e.V. - The Thalassemia association in Germany

DEGETHA e.V. - the german association for thalassemia - was founded in 2014. The founding members are thalassemia patients as well as not affected persons.

The particularity of DEGETHA e.V. is, that

  • the association is the first national point of contact for all thalassemia patients (decentralised association)
  • the (honorary) managing board consists of at least 50% thalassemia patients
  • the active members of the association count on different professional skills during their voluntary activities
  • one member of the association supports the association authentically as a doctor (hematology), since he is also a thalassemia patient

Which objectives does DEGETHA e.V. have?

  • to serve as an information platform for all thalassemia topics (information, clarification and education)
  • the promotion of a network (information exchange)
  • to grow the patience competency (cooperation of patients and doctors at the same level)