"Transfusion For Thalassemia: I Can Help"

Transfusion For Thalassemia: I Can Help

We would like to introduce you to a handbook that will help you deal with the emotional experience of receiving chronic medical care. Josephine Bila, the author, created the handbook "Transfusion for Thalassemia: I Can Help" to teach patients how to reduce their pain and sadness around transfusions. Josephine was born with beta thalassemia major and realized that there were better ways to deal with the stress and discomfort of her illness. There are various points in the book where the reader is asked to think about how s/he deals with stress and is asked to challenge those thoughts. Josephine believes that it is healthier to write down one's emotions in a journal, examine his/her thoughts and allow them to be expressed, in order for them to finally be released and removed from the body.

Here's the address to buy the books: https://www.createspace.com/6549163