Deutsche Gesellschaft für Thalassämie
Erster Ansprechpartner zur Thalassämie für Patienten, Angehörige und Mediziner


DEGETHA stands for German Society for Thalassaemia and is the first point of contact for all sufferers of Thalassaemia.

The Thalassaemia (Greek for Mediterranean anemia) is an inheritable disease that leads to a faulty blood formation. The disease most commonly occurs in former malaria areas of the Mediterranean.


We stand for our values, representing our objectives at the same time as DEGETHA

increase patient competence / Provide information / Support Network


We help to sufferers, family member, health professionals, clinics, registered associations, organisations and research institutions.

We offer experience and knowledge in various fields (such as medicine, psychology, children, family, job). We ensure this through our authenticity. The Board of Directors of the DEGETHA consists at least to 50 % of even affected thalassaemia patients.


Loneliness, communication with doctors, problems in puberty. Understanding, problems in the profession, fears, no contact, non compliance, perspective. The Thalassaemia can lead to all of this. We support you!


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